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10 August 2009 @ 04:49 am
It cost me 5000 gold, but I finally got an epic flying mount for Marsillion. He is the only character I have that has that distinction in that game - not even my former main, Crosse, can boast of that. The animation for the wyvern annoys me though. I mean, the animation for the chocobo cockstrider hawkstrider used to bug me too. But I got over it. In fact, the spastic movements of that specific mount grew on me because it lent easier to an appearance of speed. The easy gallop of the Thalassian Warhorse (which is prettier and more awesome to look at by far) is less deceiving but I feel like I travel slower with it (even though the speeds are the same).

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08 August 2009 @ 12:39 am
I'm home after about 6 1/2 hours of work and I am one lazy motherfucker. Right now, there are a few things I have to write about but I can't seem to get around to writing them. It's definitely a lot easier to write stuff when you don't have to, even if they're awesome fantasy shit that you would normally do without monetary compensation.

Gah. I guess that I'm just a naturally lazy person, even when this shit is involved, and I need to get my crap together and get it done. But it's fucken hard. Wah wah.

Alrighty. Smokey-smoke and then writing. Hopefully, that means less self-indulgent posts like this.

Perspiration and Inspiration and all that. yeah.
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04 August 2009 @ 01:38 am
Started a first level Arden'sol campaign. Or rather, did some char-gen for said campaign. Brainstormed on character concepts and wrote down some horrible ways to screw over players using plot = Same old awesomeness.

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31 July 2009 @ 02:21 pm
Another D&D session finished! Hooray! At this rate, the players are going to hit level 10 by Session 20 - they hit level 9 at session 17. I think that the hordes of ghoul creatures were exacerbated by paralysis effects and a forceful split of the party, not to mention the effects of the Plane of Shadows on healing. But they seemed to have made it out okay.

Also, clerics are ridiculous healers. And having a Cleric + a Paladin in a fight means never running out of healing on the first fight of the day... unless you're in the Plane of Shadows, etc.

The party is kinda skewed as well. They have disproportionally high defenses (everyone's either wearing plate or has high stats) and a lot of healing (Jasper's Cleric has a metric fuck-ton of healing). But only the rogue inflicts a healthy amount of damage. Everyone's damage is "okay" but not spectacular.

I guess that it doesn't help that I usually use Brutes and Artillery. I like high damage, high HP, low defense monsters because they feel fun to use. They're kinda swingy, alternating from awesome to useless in the span of a few rounds, but they serve their purpose well enough. I suppose that I could use more soldier types - but I'm always afraid of "the grind". I've seen too many shadows of it lately - mostly because I've been using a lot of solos and having a paladin tank can really put a damper on those. It's a good thing that the ranger hasn't been showing up to games and the wizard is more focused on damage than control. Those attack penalties can stack to ridiculous levels...

I wanna play a wizard one day and just apply a -4 penalty through an at-will attack vs. will. Screw the damage, I just like rendering a solo useless. Add enfeebling strike and a mark from a paladin and that's a whopping -8 to hit from at-will abilities.

In your face, Dragons! Lulz.
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30 July 2009 @ 12:33 pm
School is done for the summer and I'm still alive. I only had two classes, but they were brutal as hell when coupled with all the other tasks I had to fulfill, which mostly comprised of LARPing and working.

But that's over now, except for the part about the other two. On the plus side, I find that my days have become a lot... shorter since then. Time has a capacity to fly when I'm on "vacation" even if all I do is stay at home, smoke, drink and write.

And I think my "vacation" time is also "the revenge of the lost sleep" time. It's impossible for the alarm to wake me up, I keep slipping back to sleep almost instantly after I wake. I guess it's the lack of urgency or maybe I'm just getting old.

Regardless of all that, I fully intend to make the most of my remaining summer days. It's unfortunate that my trip to the Philippines is a casualty of everybody else at work going everywhere else. But I've made it clear to my boss that I am going to the Philippines in the winter and there is nothing that she can do to stop me - except, ya know, fire me.

Either way. It'll be a good winter.

Time to wait a few more months then.
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05 June 2009 @ 03:07 am
I'm tired, like freaking super tired. But at least, session 13 is over and I don't have to run D&D until the next week.

Croix Janossus is in ruins and Croix Xanamon is born anew in its ashes. The Scions have thrown off the heavy yoke of Sempetoran annexation and replaced it with the burden of freedom and self-government.

They did a good job, I think. I was prepared for the PCs to support either Hadra or the Resistance. But I'm glad that they chose to support the "good guys" even if most of them are rather mercenary in disposition. Naturally, no good deed goes unpunished - so there will definitely be a screwing of someone in the works.

It's thirsty work to GM nowadays. But it's fun to see surprise, fear, doubt, joy and sorrow in my players' faces - and it makes me feel good to let them have fun. Also: my machiavellian personality and my control issues are let loose to run free alongside my creativity and my theatric ability. It's a fun combination.

This game had more moral ambiguity and intrigue than the last and I hope to put out more games like that. 4E is especially combat oriented, which I find fun as heck, but I think that its simple skill structure lends easily enough to intrigue and subterfuge - although without the tactical mechanics to complicate it and convolute it.

For me, the prime system for that would be L5R, which has classes that excel in intrigue, conversation and investigation alongside magical and martial classes. Where it up to me, I would usually play a mage-type character (shugenja) for its versatility over a courtier character... although warrior-types are always near and dear to my heart-spaces. Mage characters in many games allow for great abilities in all areas of expertise, combat, conversation, investigation, etc - although sometimes at some cost.

In Shadowrun, a cyberpunk-style game (sort of like a magical Ghost in the Shell but with criminals), this is especially true. I love mages in Shadowrun. If I were playing that game again, I would totally play another mage - maybe not a dwarf this time (although being a dwarf-mage was cool as hell, stat and look-wise).

But yeah, definitely an interesting look at a genre that I've yet to extensively explore (I've done a lot of heroic/tragic/gothic fantasy). The problem with intrigue games is that they're a lot of prep-work. But if you're cynical enough and you're inspired enough - you'll have a story that'll have heads scratching, players cheering and gnashing their teeth at the same time. I really like Joe Abercrombie's (The First Law) noir-like approach to fantasy and Jacqueline Carey's use of characters that are more clever than strong (. Very different to what I grew up with but in good keeping with my current bleak moods.

I dunno. The next time I start a game, I'd like it to be in a structured social environment (Maybe Elixi), which is the one kind of setting that intrigue games thrive in. However, while most regular player would be overwhelmed by options or lack of obvious ones, I would mitigate this problem by using basic goals to direct and inspire players to take their own steps and eventually create their own goals in the game. The result, I feel, would be a great story - but not one that is easy to predict. One other pitfall I want to avoid is the trap of leading the PCs with powerful NPCs. The PCs gotta make their own choices and they gotta take center-stage almost all the time, even when they're just spectators.

Oh wells. That's enough thinking for now. Time to fall asleep and make my brains explode. Kablooie!
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03 June 2009 @ 03:23 pm
*written on a post-it beside my bed
I found two 10 lbs. dumbells in my house's living room, tucked behind a counter and I've been using them to make my room into a gym that doesn't eat up 30 mins. of travel time. It's not too bad, which also means that it's not too good.

Several years ago, I went to the gym regularly with my cousin, Alan. I became relatively buff, with chest muscles and bulging biceps and everything. Then I went to the Philippines for a visit and stopped going to the gym - I never regained that sense of frequency, that need to exercise that I once had. And that was somewhat okay because i kinda looked silly having long hair and being relatively huge (like a shorter, brown Fabio).

Fast-forward to today when I'm single again and have a great need to vent out all my stresses and sorrows- without using alcohol because it makes me dumb and unable to write the next day.

I made a pact to myself a week ago that I was going to exercise in some way shape or form every day for the next two weeks. This is the second week and I've mostly fulfilled my promise. Sometimes the workout is more light-loaded than normal, or perhaps I wait until very late in the evening to do it. But so far, it's been a pretty crazy one and a half weeks.

I want to continue this trend, I really do. I have some face fat (flesh beard?) I need to trim for the sake of my own shallow vanity. Also I have a waist donut. Lots of physical features to work on. Ah well, they say that if you're not improving, you're stagnating. Well, my co-worker at 7K says that.

More work-work.

One more thing: I turned my level 47 Human Paladin into a caramel colored, white-haired Adonis named Surrion (instead of Sunhammer). I also specc'd him Retribution and I have to say that it's kinda ridiculous what they did to Ret - there's virtually no downtime, I keep on motherfucking smiting the shit out of anything even remotely level appropriate. I never should have bothered with alchemy with this dude since I have so many free heals and little need for buffs.

I dunno. We'll see.
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25 May 2009 @ 11:01 pm
Captain Morgan is a good friend of mine. He keeps me company when I'm lonely at parties and is well-worth the $20 for his presence. 'sup Cap?

I have to say, rum produces a very different kind of inebriation when compared to my usual go-to-guy (Smirnoff). The latter's effects are far more insidious and subtle. The former is like a sledgehammer to the brainium. I definitely feel dazed, as though I were only limited to a single standard action every round and I no longer threatened the squares around me. Hmmm...if I remember correctly, I think that I lost "it" under the influence of rum. Good times.

I'll freely confess that I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. It does not take much for me to start feeling it. But I can't help but feel a sense of pride from it: it makes the job of getting my ass drunk a lot less painful to the purse. I have to consciously be more guarded with my actions and my words because of the lack of inhibition, but it's not a bad state to be in when you're in my circumstances.

Distorted perceptions and changed sense of balance aside, I had to get a new keyboard today. My old one broke without warning - basically, all the "A" and "S" keys turn up as "As"... so I've been writing ass all of last night. Heh.

My new keyboard cost me a pretty penny. It was a wireless keyboard and it came with a wireless mouse (which I do not intend to use). At first, I was worried about battery life - but the box did say that battery life was about 15 months. I'm not sure if I believe that assertion, but even half of 15 months is acceptable to me.

It's a pretty difficult fight to keep me from texting the wrong people with the wrong things at the wrong time... I guess that means that I should get to playing WoW before I get into too much trouble.

Mental note for future me - this was an awesome experiment. Thanks Neil Gaiman!
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20 May 2009 @ 01:03 am
Good news everyone: Mr. B is still alive and everyone's being really awesome about me having a tree. A co-worker of mine even gave me a book about them and mom's really happy about that -as opposed to me getting a cat, which I really want and which she really despises. Right now, I really want to get a Husky (maybe name it Toadkiller or Fenrir or Cocksmasher)after seeing a customer of mine with one... but I know for a fact that dogs are too much work for me in this stage of my life.

If you don't know what I do besides serve people coffee go to this site:

Do it. Go ahead. I wrote 90% of the fucking rulebook. And I lost several years worth of sleep in the making.

Crosse is one step closer to his dream of getting paid to build fantasy worlds. It's for a LARP and it's for the US but whatever, it's something, right?

Speaking of which, I have several Kingdoms to write up. That much I promised myself before the sun comes up. One of the Kingdoms is loosely based on the Philippines. I didn't forget my origins, mang - but alas, it has to be somewhat westernized because I didn't want it to be too foreign and difficult.

But when you see Datu Puti or the King in White as a NPC that people look up to... well, there's definitely something of a homage to it that fills up the heart-spaces with contentment.

I am full of drugs, alcohol and caffeine right now. Time to get to work.
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17 May 2009 @ 02:20 am
Owing to my passing experience with Bioshock, I have named by bonsai "Mr. B" - short for "Mr. Bubbles", which the little sisters call the big daddies in the game. BDs are incredibly resilient and difficult to kill and when you do kill them, their vulnerable little wards cry over their corpses.

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